About Us

Ferro Retro is a clothing/streetwear brand created to influence a respectful and positive lifestyle for the good vibes ONLY. 

Our slogan  “Define YOURself” that is attached to our brand portrays a safe outlet meant to influence a positive way of living, finding ones inner peace and to feel comfortable being YOURself.
Ferro Retro Clothing was created in 2015 where it first started as an branding project. By the owner liking fashion and clothing he chose to do a clothing brand. The name Ferro Retro came about by wanting to have an vintage Egyptian theme at first that it no longer uses. However, we took Pharaoh (Egyptian King) and spelled it how it sounds which is Ferro. Then instead of vintage we used Retro which ultimately means the same thing and that gives us Ferro Retro. Follow our journey to find out more history about Ferro Retro. 
Shop with confidence and remember Ferro Retro Clothing will and always will be for the Good Vibes ONLY.
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